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– The Prophet (s.a.w.) was buried in the house of Aisha (r.a.) in whose house he was staying at the time of his death. The wives of the Prophet (s.a.w.) lived in small, simple huts adjacent to the masjid. Each hut consisted of a room which was approximately 5m x 4m with a small backyard and were made of unbaked bricks of mud with branches of palm tree as a roof covering.

– On the left side of the hut of Aisha (r.a.) was the hut of Sauda (r.a.), the second wife of the Prophet (s.a.w.). The hut of Hafsa (r.a.), another wife of the Prophet (s.a.w.) and the daughter of Umar (r.a.) was on the opposite side. There used to be a very narrow street between their houses, just enough for one person to walk through. Aisha (r.a.) and Hafsa (r.a.) used to converse with each other while sitting in their own huts. Part of the hut of Hafsa (r.a.) was located inside the present Sacred Chamber and part of it is where visitors stand for salutation to the Prophet (s.a.w.).

– In 91 AH Umar bin Abdul Aziz (r.a.) built five cornered walls so that nobody may enter inside the Sacred Chamber. After several plots were uncovered to steal the body of the Prophet (s.a.w.) by digging underneath the graves, the Sultan Nurruddin Zengi had a trench built around the chamber which was filled with molten lead.

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